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Date: Wednesday February 18th, 2023
Harbor: Channel Islands, Oxnard

Cetaceans Spotted:

  • Gray Whales – Southbound – 2 (North of Anacapa)
  • Gray Whales – Northbound – 1
  • Common Dolphins

Captain Alex Legaspi of the SUNFISH


Captains Report:

We spotted our first northbound Gray Whale on this trip! This marks a transitional period in the migration when we begin to see more whales near shore returning to their cold water feeding grounds. This is a very anticipated time of the year as it provides us with excellent whale watching mere miles from the harbor. We followed this solo individual as it slowly continued north, only about three miles from shore. Also in the area, we witnessed a pod of common dolphins feeding. We continued onward to Anacapa Island where we spotted two southbound Gray Whales, with a still very green island providing an excellent backdrop. We look forward to more near shore encounters as the season continues and majority of the whales begin to travel north.

-Capt. A. Legaspi

Whale Gallery