Captain's Report

During the transitional period between the northbound and southbound Gray Whale migrations , we can sometimes witness whales overlapping as they travel in different directions. Today was one of those days were we got to witness this. We encountered a pair of northbound Gray Whales shortly after departing the harbor, and followed them as they slowly swam up the coast. This pair seemed quite fond of one another and remained within feet of each other the whole time. Occasionally, they would even roll around, making contact as they raised their fins above the surface. Just off the opposite side of the SUNFISH, less than a mile away, we saw another pair of whales traveling south. We opted to turn around and follow this pair of southbound whales, and got several close looks as they slowly swam towards Anacapa Island. Calm seas gave us a good opportunity to get a close look at the famous Anacapa Arch as we split ways with these whales.

-Capt. A. Legaspi

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