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We have kayaked and sailed as professionals around these islands since our early 20s. We have worked on rivers and on ships around the world. This experience has allowed us to carefully curate our experiences based on what we know people like and what we personally think are the best places and itineraries. If we don’t think this is an A+ experience, we don’t do it.

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We are a Family Run Company

You will talk to the owners on the phone, see them running a boat or guiding a tour, and find them on the docks doing repairs.

Protecting the Oceans

We are a certified B Corp whose benefit purpose is to save the oceans. We believe people must appreciate and learn about the oceans to protect them, which is our way of doing our part. 

Giving Back

We believe strongly in community and sharing our passions with everyone. We donate spaces on our camps and day trips to local families so that everyone can experience the Channel Islands.


We Guide People

The banner photo was taken in 2010 at San Miguel Island. Co-Founder Garrett Kababik is in the distance holding up a sea star while Co-Founder Joel Mulder searches the kelp below on an adventure cruise hosted for REI Adventures aboard the Truth. We have evolved from a small kayak company on Lower State Street in Santa Barbara to a full service kayak, snorkel, dive, and expedition company operating a fleet of custom boats in one of the most amazing place on earth. Over the past 3 decades we've pioneered trips to remote places, expanded safety standards, cooked and served healthy and delicious food, and provided world class service to tens of thousands of guests.


Protecting our oceans and wild places is as important as anything we do. We are also keenly aware that we operate diesel powered boats that have an impact on air quality and carbon emissions.

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Our expedition vessel SUNFISH has been equipped with an electric auxiliary system so that we do not burn diesel when we are not running.

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We reduce our speed on all vessels to burn less fuel and emit less carbon dioxide.

organic food

We serve locally sourced organic veggies and fish/meat in our galleys which reduces our carbon footprint from food consumption.


Our kayaking expeditions are zero trace activities with no impact on the environment.

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We are actively involved in kelp restoration projects. Kelp (marine algae) is one of the largest carbon sequestration species on the planet.


We actively recycle and reduce waste on all of our vessels.

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We stop for trash in the ocean and avoid selling and using single use plastics.

Safety & Training

The Channel Islands have been a world-class destination for divers, kayakers, adventure seekers, and wildlife researchers for over 50 years. The relative isolation of the islands makes it necessary to have a highly trained and experienced crew. Our top priority is ensuring that you have an excellent trip and our crew is committed to fulfilling that mission.

CIEx hires, trains, and retains experienced professionals of the highest quality to work on our team. Each year our team trains in realistic scenarios to ensure readiness and preparation. We believe that teamwork is vital to keeping our commitment to providing amazing service and safety. We provide ample opportunities for our employees to grow and work together, from staff retreats to guide training. Each member of our team is tasked with and responsible for keeping the CIEx commitment to the highest standards of service and safety.

Expedition Leaders and Captains are Wilderness First Responders or higher trained medical providers.


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