Channel Islands Expeditions

Founded by people whose lives have been forever positively changed through adventures aboard the Truth and Vision. Over the past 40 years, these boats have provided access to all eight Channel Islands and the California coastline for adventurers, researchers, educators, and many others. CIEx is honored to carry on the long-standing and cherished tradition of sharing the stoke of the Channel Islands aboard the Truth and the Vision… both above and below the waves.

Our Founder Stories

We are divers, sea and river kayakers, sailors, cavers, surfers, hunters, farmers, scientists, backpackers, rafters, carpenters, parents, and overall explorers. Our philosophy is to take advantage of every moment we are given on this planet and to take care of our home so we can pass it to future generations better than we found it.

Chief Expedition Officer

Garrett Kababik

In retrospect, every decision has lead me here…

I stopped in Santa Barbara on a cross-country road trip in 2001 and found a summer job guiding at the Channel Islands. When I returned to the University of New Hampshire that Fall to finish my last 2 years of undergrad, I enrolled in a semester long class in SCUBA diving where I received my Basic and a thirst for more underwater experiences.

Diving in the frigid waters of Maine and New Hampshire didn’t deter me, so I signed up the next year for Advanced Research diving, where we had the opportunity to boat dive 3-5 times a week off-shore at the isle of shoals, doing various species counts and setting up lobster treadmills!

After graduating, I returned to SB and the Channel Islands to continue guiding kayaking trips and personally exploring all of the sea caves on the North side of Santa Cruz.

As the recession set in during Winter of 2009, I decided to head thru-hike the Appalachian Trail with my dog Lexi. 2,153 miles in the mountains and forests on the Eastern seaboard left me with only one desire… return to the Channel Islands.

Now almost 20 years after I first visited the volcanic shores of Santa Cruz Island, I’m excited to continue the adventure of learning, leading, and exploring off the Southern California Coast at one of the most amazing places on the planet.

Favorite Job as a College Student – Zamboni Driver
Best Advice from AT Experience – “don’t take anyone’s advice”

Fleet Operations Officer

Joel Mulder

Water. It makes up 60% of the human body, covers 71% of the earth, and has shaped 100% of my life. From snowy mountains, streams and rivers, to oceans and estuaries, water has been my recreation, my career, and my calling.

Growing up in the Sierra Nevada’s as a mountain kid, I remember visiting Catalina Island when I was 10 years old and snorkeling in the ocean for the first time, an experience that changed my life. I was hooked.

From building a wooden sea kayak in my college living room for a Baja expedition, to a career as a fisheries biologist, to SCUBA diving around the world, to managing a kayak shop and becoming an American Canoe Association certified kayak instructor, to spending almost a year sailing my sailboat in Mexico, its been all about the water.

As part of the Santa Barbara and Ventura ocean community for almost 20 years, I look forward to sharing my passion for and scientific understanding of our natural world with each and every visitor to these incredible islands.

Favorite song lyric –

“What good is livin’ a life you’ve been given if all you do is stand in one place”

Education Director

Kaia Kababik

As Executive Director of Save the Mermaids, a CA based non-profit that teaches children and adults about ways to improve ocean heath, Kaia is always sharing her deep base of ocean knowledge with guests and students. Kaia is also a world class equestrian, but you’d never guess that 🙂

Favorite Ocean Animal- Pinipeds
Favorite Land Animal- her Horses


Derek Dotson

Derek Dotson


Derek has been a captain at the Channel Islands for 15 years and is excellent at find whales and dolphins for us to visit on our crossing!

Cliff Albritton

Cliff Albritton


When Cliff isn’t catching fish for dinner or making sushi for clients, you can find him driving the Channel Cat in Santa Barbara Harbor from the top deck.


Time Simes

Tim Simes


Tim recently traded his farming tools for dock lines in his pursuit to be a boat captain. If you’re not careful, he’ll probably try and tell you pirate jokes… and you guessed it, it ends with ARR!

Mark Zimmer

Marc Zimmer


Zimmer, as he is called, is another East coast transplant from Connecticut. When he’s not giving out free high fives and thumbs up you can find him hiking the trails of SB with his many four legged friends.

Johnny Dresser

Johnny Dresser

Lead Guide

Johnny is a fellow partner at Channel Islands Outfitters and has recently become a hobby beekeeper and sourdough baker. When he’s not making delish breads and sweet concoctions, you may find him practicing archery or riding horses.