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Our Mission

Our mission is to immerse you in the beautiful Channel Islands through adventure and education. Spending time at the Channel Islands fosters a life-long appreciation for the ocean. We hope that your experiences with us at the Channel Islands will make you a lifelong steward of our oceans.

Go Wilderness Blue Project

Wilderness on land has been a powerful and important project of presidents, organizations, and individuals for centuries. However, preservation of ocean areas has been widely overlooked until recently due to the vast area the oceans cover and the lack of global consensus on how to manage them. We cannot allow this to be the reason our children are left a barren “fishless” ocean.

Yet in a 2018 global study of the ocean revealed that no area of the ocean was untouched by humans and only 13% of it was considered “wilderness”.“When I began working at the Channel Islands in 2001, work was being done to establish an island “Marine Protected Area”. These would be areas that were closed to all fishing, commercial, and recreation. Over the past 15 years, I have seen what can happen in an area that is protected, essentially an ocean wilderness. I can say, without a doubt, these areas are more biologically diverse than the surrounding areas, but what is most incredible is how the areas outside of the “wilderness” areas also rebound with diversity and abundance.”

Garrett Kababik, CIEx CEO & Guide

See for yourself…

We are fortunate to be able to operate in an ocean wilderness area. Protected for 40 years, Anacapa Island is one of the most amazing places to paddle and dive because of this protection.

Ways you can help

Join us at the Channel Islands for a National Parks Adventure

We will show you first-hand what happens whey you protect an area of the ocean!  See how the actions we take today can help marine life flourish for generations to come.

Join Us

Donate to the Marine Wilderness Project

Supporting the Marine Wilderness Project helps to raise public awareness for ocean conservation and ocean wilderness areas. The Marine Wilderness Project is committed to promoting a species-based connectivity strategy for ocean stewardship and recovery for impacted marine areas.

Visit Project Website

Learn How We Can Create More Protected Marine Wilderness

In 2018 a group of scientists went out to analyze how much marine wilderness was truly left and what they found was a surprise even to them. Their findings made clear that it is of utmost priority to create more protected marine wilderness areas worldwide.

Learn more about the study
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