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Painted Cave Combo

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Painted Cave

Visit the World’s Deepest Sea Cave

All of our Santa Barbara day trips head to Painted Cave (if conditions allow) for a visit to this incredible giant sea cave winding more than 1/4 mile deep into the steep cliffs of Santa Cruz Island.

Exploration of this cave is either on the big boat or by kayak.

NEW SINCE 2021! Getting to Painted Cave hasn’t always been easy or possible. We are the only company that offers this trip due to our location in Santa Barbara and our vessel’s outfitting.  Come on a truly unique California adventure!

Kayak, Snorkel, Relax, Enjoy!

Informative Channel Crossing

Our trained crew will search for wildlife encounters and share their knowledge of the Santa Barbara Channel as you cross to the Marine Sanctuary and National Park. You’ll be on an ocean adventure with trained naturalists all day!

200+ Years of Experience

CIEx is owned and operated by ocean guides who cut their teeth in the early 2000’s guiding cave tours at Scorpion Ranch. 20 years later and dozens of guides on the roster with similar experience makes CIEx the most experienced outfitter in the National Park.

An entire day on the ocean means you’ll see more than most visitors will to the National Park.

We have intimate knowledge of this National Park and it’s really big… and surrounded by water. More than half of the park is underwater, which is why a boat is really the only way to experience this National gem.

Galapagos of the North

For first time visitors to the islands, the stark contrast from the coast of California remarkable. But the resemblance to the Galapagos is also worth noting. Early Americans, dating back to more than 13,000 years ago, inhabited these islands and since then a number of plant and animal species have survived and transformed into unique island species, which is really cool!

kayaking into the sea cave

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