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EPIC Anacapa Island Day Trip

Unique - Adventure - Beautiful - Wildlife

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We are Walking Distance from Zachari Dunes

The SUNFISH (our 54′ expedition vessel) departs from the Marine Emporium Landing which is walking or a very short drive from your room right now. Check-in is at 7:45am and we return around 4pm each day. We hope you can join us!

Visiting with children?

Our activity age limit is 7 years old on this trip but all ages can come for the boat trip and stay with an adult on the boat while the others participate in the activities.

What do you need to bring?

  • We do not provide food, you must bring your own food.
  • Water bottles, sunscreen, towels, and bathing suits.
  • Dress in warm clothing for the ride and bring extra sweaters, the crossing can be chilly.
  • Sense of adventure and a camera!

Arches, Cave Tunnels, and Giant Caverns

CIEx Ocean Guides will show you the way.

With over 100 sea caves in 7 miles of coast line, Anacapa Island requires the knowledge of an experienced guide to show you into the cracks in the cliffs that turn into cave tunnels or giant caverns.

200+ Years of Experience

CIEx is owned and operated by ocean guides who cut their teeth in the early 2000’s guiding cave tours at Scorpion Ranch. 20 years later and dozens of guides on the roster with similar experience makes CIEx the most experienced outfitter in the National Park.

Planning to Kayak or Snorkel at the National Park? This is the place to visit!

We left the bustle of Scorpion Ranch and began offering vessel supported day trips because of the experience we gained in our kayak circumnavigations of the islands, finding amazing coastlines that are only accessible by boat. We’ve invested in the custom boats and carefully crafted this adventure, which after paddling around all of the islands… was our favorite!

Anacapa Island map

What to expect on the EPIC Anacapa Day Trip

  1. West Anacapa – this island is the largest breeding colony of California Brown Pelicans on earth. Thousands of these prehistoric looking birds make their nests on the cliffs edge. The season for viewing Pelicans fledging the nests in June-August.
  2. Keyhole Arch – our put-in for our “ocean river” journey and our first snorkeling spot for our snorkelers.
  3. Crystal Cave and Mini Arch – a few of the caves that we can expect to see along the first third of the Caves and Coves paddle.
  4. Windfeld Scott – this wreck marks an incredible cove with eel grass and leopard sharks (docile bottom feeders). As we leave this cove there are a series of caves where you have to lay flat on the kayak to enter into the dome room.
  5. Cathedral Tunnel – one of the coolest cave tunnels in the world. The water is underlit from the N side of the entrance and creates a blueish green grotto color.
  6. Cathedral Cove – a sheltered cove where the second snorkeling spot may occur. This is shallow and colorful water with lots of aquatic species along the rock pinnacles.
  7. Landing Cove – an alternate snorkeling spot when conditions allow. This is a slightly deeper cove (30 ft) with tall stalks of kelp that reach up to the sunlight and create an aquarium of fish to behold.
  8. Arch Rock – the most iconic landmark of the Channel Islands National Park. If conditions allow, the kayak group may have the fortune of paddling under this enormous offshore arch.

The World’s Only “Ocean Cave River”

There’s just no other way to describe the paddle at Anacapa Island, it’s an ocean river with caves. Winding around volcanic points and through cave tunnels there is always another set of challenges and new scenery at every turn. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll see by number on the map.

kayaking around the channel islands

Departure Harbor

Marine Emporium Landing
3600 Harbor Blvd
Oxnard, CA 93035