Big Sur Dive Adventure - 6 Days Aboard - 4 Full Dive Days

Come Explore and Dive the Big Sur Coast on the Vision.

4 Dive Days – 6 Days on the Vision – downhill run from Monterey to Moro Bay

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Group Discounts
5% off total booking price
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21+: 15% off total booking price

Trip Details

The Big Sur Dive Trip has returned!

Join captain Ian Higgins and the new owners of the Vision aboard a one-way “downhill” dive adventure. We will depart from Monterey Tuesday night and unload at Giovanni’s in Moro Bay Sunday afternoon.

Dive Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Sunday is a transportation day to Moro bay and on the shuttle bus back to Monterey Bay.

The coastline of Big Sur

Location Information

  • Departure Harbor: Monterey Bay Harbor
  • Return Harbor: Moro Bay
  • Shuttle and secure overnight parking provided.
  • Destination: Big Sur coast and off shore banks.
  • 4 days of diving

Trip Specific Information

  • Experience Level: Experienced cold water divers only please
  • Minimum Number of Guests: n/a
  • Maximum Number of Guests: 26
  • Minimum Age:  12 years old
Big sur coral reef

2022 Dates and Departure Times

2022 Departure Dates

May 10-15 2022
Board on the 10th of May in the evening and return to Monterey Bay on May 15th in the afternoon.

  • Check-In: tbd, but expecting boarding around 6:30 pm
  • Briefing: around 9:00 pm on May 10th
  • Departure: tbd, based on weather
  • Dives: 4-5 dives per day 
  • Return to Monterey: 5:00 pm on Sunday May 15th
Diving in Big Sur off the Vision

What’s Included

  • Free air fills
  • Accommodations in private bunks with pillows and blankets.
  • Divemasters
  • Shuttle transportation and secure overnight parking
  • 3 meals a day & snacks
  • Hot and cold beverages

How do we calculate ticket prices?

Ticket Costs


Captain Ian Higgins, who previously ran this trip for Truth Aquatics, will be captain on this adventure. He brings many years and many trips along this coast and has excellent inside knowledge of the local conditions and dive sites.

Itinerary will be based on weather but the overall plan is as follows:

Boarding on the night of the 10th after 6pm with an orientation and dinner to follow. We will base our journey around Pt Pinos and heading South on the swell and sea state. If we have to delay, we will dive along the Monterey Bay MPA until conditions are safe enough for the departure.

Once we make our way South we will spend our time diving all of the banks, pinnacles, and coves on our 4 day journey along the Big Sur Coast.

4 plus dives per day for 4 days

It is hard to know exactly what the conditions will allow us to do, but we plan for at least 4 dives per day. We ask that only experienced cold water divers join this trip. If you have not dove in cold water where there are currents and minimal visibility, this is not the first time you want to experience those conditions.

We will dive Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Night dives are not promised and we will base this on how safe our overnight anchorages are.

Saturday night we will shoot to be in San Simeon cove. Early Sunday morning we will pull the anchor and head to Morro Bay to meet with our shuttle that will bring everyone up the coast back to their cars.

Our estimated arrival back in Monterey is 5pm, but we suggest you keep that evening free in case we encounter any travel delays.


Our Galley chefs have decades of professional cooking experience and can whip up a variety of delights based on local produce and meat availability. Here is what we can guarantee:


  • Fresh fruit
  • Granola and yogurt w/ fixings and local jams
  • Tea and Coffee
  • Hot breakfast option


  • Main
  • Salad
  • Snack
  • Vegetables


We offer snacks after each dive. The type of snack will vary, but we always have food available for you in the main Salon to keep your energy up.


Dinner is served buffet style on the Vision and will include fresh vegetables, a salad, meat option, bread, and all the fixings you shall need. We love hot sauce, so we always have options for adding heat!


  • Each night we have a sweet delight to finish the day.

Beverages Served All Day

  • Hot tea and coffee
  • Soda bar (soda, juice, water, seltzer)

You may bring alcoholic beverages to enjoy after all diving is complete. There is absolutely no drinking before participating in a night dive.


Accommodations are in our comfortable bunk room. We supply each bunk with:

  • 1 Fleece Blanket
  • 1 Medium soft pillow with pillow case

The bunk room is air-conditioned to 68-70 degrees at all times. We recommend bringing a sleeping bag or additional blanket.

Personal vs Oversized Bunks

  • You may choose an oversized bunk for an additional $50 (limited quantity). Couples need only select 1 oversized bunk.
  • Each person will be assigned a bunk.
  • Each bunk has a privacy curtain and a reading light.

Personal electronic devices may not be charged in the bunk room at any time.


The rugged Big Sur coast is only accessible by boat and the diving can be some of the best in California, and the world.

Conditions will vary, and the temperature will be cold. We expect water temperatures to be high 40s to low 50s overall.

The banks off of Pt Sur are host to a variety of marine species that color the rocks with vibrant purples and reds. Experiene Otters, Sea Lions, and possibly the tail end of Gray Whales on their journey back to the feeding water in Alaska.

Pre Trip Planning

What to Bring with you?

  • Soft, packable duffle bags for clothing and skin or scuba equipment
  • Warm clothing – bring layers as temperatures change rapidly
  • Low heeled rubber soled shoes for on board the boat
  • Binoculars (great for whale sightings and bird watching)
  • Motion sickness medicine & personal medications
  • Swimsuit & towels
  • Personal toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)
  • Sunscreen-We prefer reef safe sunscreen. Learn what makes sunscreen reef safe here.
  • Sunglasses, hat and other sun protection.
  • Small backpack
  • Camera
  • Alcoholic Beverages (if desired)


Diving Equipment

All dive equipment can be reserved at the Sea Landing Dive Center next to Truth & Vision in the harbor

  • Mask, snorkel, gloves, booties, and fins
  • Dive Certification Card
  • 7mm wetsuit or drysuit with hood (water temperatures are typically mid 60’s in summer and mid 50’s in winter).
  • Tank and BCD
  • Weight belt and weights
  • Regulator with gauges
  • SMB (Surface Marker Buoy) & DiveAlert or whistle
  • Dive computer (highly recommended)
  • U/W light and chemical light (Cyalume) if you plan to make night dives
  • Save-A-Dive kit may be helpful (extra fin strap, mask strap, o-rings, silicon, tools, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I park and how do I get back to Monterey?

Right now we are working on secure parking and a shuttle service to bring you to the boat and back to you car. The shuttle service will be included in the price of your trip. 

What dive certifications do I need for this trip?

You need a current open water certification to dive on this trip.

What is the age limit?

The minimum age is 12 years.

What are your dive restrictions?

At each dive site we open the dive doors and check each diver off as they exit to the water. Doors will remain open for a determined amount of time by the Divemaster. Between each dive is a mandatory 60 minute surface interval.

Each diver is responsible for their own safety and their buddy. CIEx keeps a deck master and a divemaster on each trip along with a dive assistant that helps with gear and tank fills.

CIEx Dive Policies:

  1. NO DECO DIVING – Recreational dive depth of 130 ft floor
  2. Buddy Diving- we do it, so should you.
  3. Divers with scooters MUST have an SMB
  4. We recommend all divers have an SMB
  5. 2 lights for night dives.

CIEx is committed to running the safest dive boats in the world, thank you for helping us with that!

How many people can sleep in an oversized bunk?

Each person is assigned one bunk. Our night watch crew is tasked to focus on the safety of the passengers on board the vessel at all times.

How difficult is the diving?

This trip is for advanced divers. We will be diving at sites with various depth potentials and possible strong currents in cold water.

Can we land on the islands and hike?

This trip does not include landing or hiking on Santa Cruz Island. If you want to hike on the Channel Islands, we recommend that you book a 4-Day Expedition Trip with us! Because you are not paying a National Park entrance fee, you cannot take advantage of the National Park’s terrestrial areas.

Do you offer Nitrox Fills?

Yes, we offer Nitrox fills for certified enriched air divers. Unlimited Nitrox fills are $50 a day and must be purchased ahead of time.


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