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3 hr Whale Watching Cruise

View the California Gray Whale on it’s migration path from Alaska to Baja and back.

3.5 Whale Watching Cruise

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Experience the California Gray Whale

Longest Mammal Migration on Earth

The California Gray Whale migrates from Alaska to Baja California each year, making their journey one for the record books.

On the Southbound (SOBO) journey the whales are usually found on the South side of Anacapa Island and on the Northbound (NOBO) journey they are found closer to the mainland.

Oxnard to Anacapa is the narrowest channel, therefore the chances of seeing whales in the first 90 minutes of your whale watching tour is much better than many other locations along the California coast.

Whale Naturalists on the Cruise

Educational Expeditions are our specialty

You are on an ocean adventure from the moment you leave the dock until you return. Our crew are on the lookout for marine wildlife, stopping and slowing down along the way to share what we find.

With decades of knowledge and experience, our expeditions are known to provide more information that people expect.

Captain Alex of the Sunfish is a whale naturalist and is excellent at finding these beautiful ocean creatures.

Departure Harbor

Marine Emporium Landing
3600 Harbor Blvd
Oxnard, CA 93035