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Channel Islands National Park Trip Calendar

Vessel Supported Sea Cave Kayaking

kayaking-darkKayaking into sea caves is our specialty. We have been doing this for over 30 years, longer than any other company in the National Park.

We created these two tours based on our knowledge of the islands, putting you in the best places to see the coolest caves.

Vessel Supported – this means that you will launch your kayak, with the help of our crew, from the big boat off of the swim deck at the stern of the boat. The guide then takes you down the island close to the cliffs and into the sea caves and coves. The big boat follows the group and is available to offer assistance if needed.  Paddle one-way, no upwind grinds back to a crowded beach!

Mega Pods of dolphins mid channel.

Whale and Dolphin Watching Ocean Crossings

whale-darkYou are on an ocean adventure from the moment you leave the dock until you return. Our crew are on the lookout for marine wildlife, stopping and slowing down along the way to share what we find.

We regularly see pods of dolphins on all crossings and we see whales from June-August on our crossings as well.

The Santa Barbara Channel is one of the most marine diverse ecosystems on the planet due to the convergence of the northern cold water current and the semi-tropical southern current. Over 30 species of marine mammals visit the channel each year, including the crowd favorite… Orca whale.