In February of 2024 Channel Islands Expeditions co-owner, Garrett Kababik, went to South America and boarded the Ocean Albatross for a 35 day contract working as the First Aid Responder and Expedition Guide for Albatross Expeditions. Over the 35 days they encountered some of the most incredible Humpback whale experiences onboard the expedition ship and on the Zodiacs during the wildlife cruises. The ice was breathtaking and stunning. When Garrett returned to California in early March the experience was visceral and he wanted a way to share this with his friends at Channel Islands Expeditions.  

leopard seals in Antarcticamolting penguin

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Everyone who signs a waiver with CIEx in 2024 and joins the mailing list will be entered into the raffle that we will draw in December of 2024. We must reach 3,333 total entries for the drawing to take place. We will select 1 winner and contact them by email before the end of the year. That winner will receive a 2 person occupancy room aboard an Albatross Expedition for the 2025-2026 season. Winner must cover their own travel expenses to the port of departure in Argentina.  Visit Albatros Expeditions to learn more about the adventure.

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